Should I Buy An Aerator or Decanter? We Tackle The Question And Show You The Best Scandi Products Available On The Market.

Aerator or Decanter? For established wine lovers or for new explorers of wine, this is a common question that usually pops up. Do I need both an aerator and a decanter to get the most out of my wine?

Well, the workings behind aerating and decanting wine are actually quite similar, however there are some differences between the two which you need to take into account.

The objective of both is to aerate the wine; to maximise the exposure to air to open up and bring out the most flavour and aroma. You need to bare in mind though that it won’t magically make a cleanskin taste like a Burgundy.

Most aerators are small spouts that are placed inside the bottle to increase the wine’s exposure to air whilst it’s poured. They’re perfect for young reds that need opening up or to soften tannins. Pretty much all reds will benefit from aeration.

Aerators, however, aren’t able to remove sediment found in some older red wines, which results in clogging of the devises. Decanters are therefore usually the preferred method to aerate older wines (when poured slowly and properly, most of the wine’s sediment can be kept in the bottle).

Tips for young wine drinkers (the wine, not your age 😉 ) – double up and aerate the wine into the decanter as they need as much oxygen as possible.

Now that we know what each device they do, let’s have a look at the best Scandi Aerators and Decanters on the market.

Aerator or Decanter?

The Menu Wine Breather Carafe is not only stunning to look at but is also extremely clever in the way that it decants and aerates at the same time. You attach the carafe to the top of the wine bottle and then invert it – this starts off the aeration process and is simply magical to watch. Do this in front of your guests and they will all want a glass! You can then also use the carafe to store your wine if you don’t drink it all in one sitting…
Eva Solo produce some amazing pieces and this is another winner. Their Decanter Carafe is mouth-blown from fine glass and integrates a stainless steel funnel that assists in gently aerating your wine as it is poured both into and out of the decanter. The carafe is akin to a test tube and when the wine pours in, almost looks like a draculaesque science experiment. Sure to impress!
Menu’s Premium Decanting Pourer is all about ease and simplicity when you don’t want to decant your wine. This beautiful little piece is from their Vignon range, and is clean and stylish. Simply place it in the top of your bottle and it oxygenates your wine as you pour it into your glass. The shape of the pourer also prevents wine from dripping onto your tablecloth, so you’ll never waste a single drop of wine ever again.
Georg Jensen truly are the kings at elegant and striking silverware, and their aerating pourer doesn’t disappoint. With an elegant design, the polished stainless steel pourer aerates as it pours. There won’t be any drops so you can feel confident when serving. It’s an instant classic and will stand out to your guests as soon as the first glass is poured.
One of the newest additions to the Scandi aerating family, the Eva Solo Catalyzer Wine Pourer combines tech with design. It adopts a magnet system that accentuates wine flavours and bouquets to allow reds to breathe and mature while you pour. At the same time, the catalyzer suppresses tannins. It’s like magic! It may be less elegant that other pourers but what it lacks in looks, it makes up in brains.