Stoff Nagel Candle Holder, Chrome

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Colour: Chrome
Material: Chrome plated metal
Diameter: 102 mm
Height: 65 mm

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The Stoff Nagel Candle Holder. One module, that can be mount together with other modules as you wish. Available in several colours.

Nagel Candlestick from Stoff is a reproduction of Hans Nagel’s classic modular candlesticks from 1965, designed by Werner Stoff. Each candlestick is a module that can be mount together with other modules into different shapes and heights. Create your own unique Nagel Candleholder.

The original was manufactured by German BMF (Bayerische Metallen Fabrik) in the 60’s and 70’s and is today an appreciated collector’s item worldwide. The new production of the Nagel candle holders is under license with Nagel Gmbh.

The candle holder is adapted to a smaller size of candles, 13 mm in diameter, but is also beautiful as a sculpture without candles. Suitable candles are sold separately.

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1 review for Stoff Nagel Candle Holder, Chrome

  1. Anonymous

    We bought these and love them ! You can keep adding new pieces to make the display bigger.

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