Normann Copenhagen Dustpan & Broom

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Materials: Dustpan: Plastic, Broom: Beech with Natural Bristles
Size: H: 32 x L: 24 x D: 24 cm
Weight: 0,35 kg

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The Normann Copenhagen Dustpan & Broom is both functional and aesthetic. The dustpan is in all its simplicity constructed from a piece of flat plastic, shaped to fit comfortably in the hand. The thin and flexible material makes it easy to collect all kinds of dirt. The broom is made of wood and natural bristles and combines traditional craftsmanship and modern production, ensuring durability and a simple expression of design.Created with a keen twist, the Dustpan & Broom allows you to clean with precision and style, complete with a small resting hole to perfectly set the brush in the dustpan. You can also hang the Dustpan & Broom on the wall. This way it is always easy to get hold on it when you need it.

The thin, flexible material makes Dustpan ideal for collecting all kinds of dust. The round hole makes it able to hang on the wall.

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1 review for Normann Copenhagen Dustpan & Broom

  1. Anonymous

    Its so light and easy to use. I was always annoyed with dustpans that weren’t flat in the past

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