Holmegaard Crosses Vase


  • Design: Bodil Kjr
  • Material: Glass
  • Care: Hand wash
  • Hinweis: Handmade
  • Dimensions: Height: 25 cm Width: 9,70 cm length: 9,70 cm

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The vase range of crosses was inspired by the grand dame from the Danish office furniture designs Bodil Kjr 2017 For The Traditional Brand Holmegaard. Holmegaard is the oldest glass brand marks Denmark and go back up to a year 1814.And it is still is the brand for high quality glass from the UK. Thanks to the angular shape of the vase, it is a real challenge for the glass makers who loves Material Soft and flowing shapes. Thanks to the use of wood shape will be the surface wavy resulting in lovely light play in the glass.Kjr has of course, at your best design, also limiting the functionality ensure (an essential feature of the Scandinavian designs). The vase not only look beautifully. Good in the glass bodies a bouquets fall, so that you not intended as a decorative object important role, but also highly suitable for your purpose.

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