Holmegaard Candle Holder, 16 cm


  • This chamber light creates a great light source on your table or window frame.
  • It is made from machine processed glass and core leather.
  • he was awarded the German Design Award 2015
  • Its diameter is 15 cm
  • It is perfect for warm summer evenings on the terrace.

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The Knechtkammer-Leuchter is a Scandinavian classic that has experienced a comeback in the reinterpretation of Maria Berntsen. The simple Scandinavian design made of glass and core leather forms a great light source on the table or in the window frame – but can also be an alternative to the Advent wreath thanks to an arrangement of several candlesticks with the addition of a little green and balls. A great gift idea for the hostess, for a birthday – or for yourself.

The Danish glass brand Holmegaard dates back to the year 1814 when Count Christian Conrad Sophus Danneskiold-Samsøe asked the royal house to start a glassworks in Holmegaard Moor near Fensmark. Since 1823, the Holmegaard Moor glass of everyday needs has been produced. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the management of mass products for household sector has been becoming more distance, producing high quality glassware and objects. The designer Jacob E. Bang set special highlights with collections such as Palet in pop colours and Per Lütken with the drinking glass series Idéelle, No. 5 and ship glass as well as its bowls Selandia and Provence. In 2010 the Danish Rosendahl Design Group took over the label and closed the factory in Holmegaard. Since then, the traditional glass brand has been presenting design highlights such as Design with Light by Marie Berntsten, Old English by the florist Claus Dalby or the drinking glass series Perfection by Danish sommelier Tom Nybroe.

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