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Hammershøi Candlestick holder


  • White candle holder from Kähler.
  • The timeless Hammershøi candle holders from Kähler have a modern, contemporary style.
  • Characteristic for all Hammershøi candle holders are the subtle grooves that run through the entire Hammershøi series like a red thread.
  • The candle holder looks elegant on the lunch table, on the windowsill or in the hallway as a personal welcome to guests in the cold winter months.
  • All Kähler products are made by hand and with special attention to quality and artistic expression.

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The impressive candle holder by Kähler Design with the characteristic groove pattern are part of the Hammershøi series, which was designed by Hans-Christian Bauer. They are made from porcelain and are available in various colours and sizes.

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