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Georg Jensen Cobra Small Candleholder Set, Rose Gold Plated Stainless Steel


  • Measurements: Small pair 160 mm
  • The 2018 new versions allows for creativity arranging the different colours and heights of the assortment adding new colour to the existing steel collection.
  • Designer: Constantin Worthmann
  • Materials: 18 KT Plated Rose Gold Stainless Steel

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The bold, organic curves of the candleholders, the original piece in the Cobra collection, makes a dynamic statement in any setting. Their illusion of movement and the combination of design and function are as present as ever. The exquisite Rose gold makes these pieces a striking addition to any collection. Constantin Worthmann always strives to inject a playful element in his work, believing that design needs not be taken too seriously. His Motto is “form follows emotions” and so he takes archetypal objects and then redesigns them by adding something quirky that evokes a reaction from the consumer. He is responsible for some of Georg Jensen’s most popular pieces.

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