Eva Solo Wine Glassware Bourgogne


Size: 24 cm (9.4 inches) high, 65 cl (22 ounce)
Material: Mouth blown glass

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The Eva Solo mouth-blown wine glasses enhance the wine’s bouquet, bringing to the fore all nuances of the wine’s flavor. A unique feature of the series is that the rims are angled at 14 degrees. Some will call this a downward path, we call it evolution. Each glass is a work of art in its own right, elevating the enjoyment to be had from drinking wine, taking it to another level. The elegant stem is drawn out of the same glass as the blown bowl, giving the glass a finely balanced look.

Elegant wine glass designed with an angled rim and large bowl that accentuates the finer subtleties of complex red wines. Mouth-blown thin, delicate glass has a 14-degree angle that helps to concentrate aromas when you drink.

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