Eva Solo Drip-Free Dressing Shaker


Material: Bottle made from glass. Stopper/spout made from rubber and stainless steel.
Also suitable for soy sauce and sake.
Capacity: 250ml.
Height: 17cm.
Designed in Denmark.

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Winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award back in 2006, the Eva Solo Drip-Free Dressing Shaker makes sure that your salad dressings end up in the bowl – not on the table. If you haven’t experimented with your own dressings because of the mess it tends to make, then this is a Dressing Shaker for you.

Just remove the spout (which is made from rubber to further minimise spills), add your ingredients, and replace the spout. Give it all a shake to combine the mixture, and then remove the upper, rubber cap on the spout to pour. With its wonderfully clean design and function, this shaker makes home-made dressings desirable again.

You can’t look past truly intelligent design – just like you can’t look past Eva Solo.

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