Eva Solo Baking and Pizza Stone


Material: Unglazed ceramic
Dimensions: 35.5cm diameter

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The secret of the Eva Solo Baking Stone is that its porous surface draws moisture out of the dough, resulting in a perfectly crisp and crunchy crust when baking pizza or bread on a red hot grill or in a very hot oven. Of course, the baking stone can also be used to bake rolls or cookies, and it can even be used on both charcoal and gas grills and in the oven. We all love pizza, but surely this symbol of Italian food culture will become even more of a hot favourite when it tastes almost like a stone oven-baked pizza?


*can be used on charcoal or gas grills as well as in the oven

*also suitable for all kinds of baking, like bread and cookies

*easy clean with hot water

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