Bodum Water Carafe Glass


Material: Glass

Item Weight: 349g

Product Dimensions: 11.1 x 11.1 x 25.7 cm

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The elegant Bodum Bistro borosilicate glass carafe brings out the best in water, taste-wise and visually and looks beautifully refreshing on any table. Its plastic spout makes for precise pouring and a little silicone ball in the lid closes the Carafe when it’s standing upright. When it’s tilted the little ball moves up and opens the carafe for easy pouring. The opening is blocked by a grid to keep ice cubes or herbs like peppermint leaves from falling into the glass. When a neoprene coat is placed around the Carafe it keeps the water cold for a lot longer while at the same time prevents the Carafe’s surface from becoming too cold or slippery, making for much easier pouring. The Bistro Water Carafe with coat actually kills a lot of birds with one stone. Bistro is dishwasher safe. It’s almost too pretty to be hidden away in a dark fridge.

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